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Select a quiet “homework spot” for your child’s homework. Identify a location with  limited distractions, ample workspace and adequate lighting. Make sure that the television is turned off and there should be no social networking during homework time.  Keep a plastic crate with necessary supplies and access to resources such as a computer, dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, globe and maps. Your child needs a calendar to record assignments and to track what is due and when. A calendar will also add accountability to the process and teach time management.
When is the best time to do homework? Right after school, following an energizing after-school snack.  This way, homework will be done before dinner and can be a point of discussion during the meal.  Also, it will give your child free time after dinner for playing, computer activities, or other family functions.  Homework just before bed is less effective, as your child will be tired.  Most importantly, get your child into a routine, as we all perform better with a defined schedule.

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