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Overcoming shyness – Simple Steps

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Shyness is a learned trait or behavior, but parents can change the way their child interacts with others.  Since a child models adult behavior, your actions will make the difference.  Most often, a shy child will have at least one parent who is shy.

Demonstrate non-shy behavior. Take your child to the park and look for a parent with another child of the same age.  Approach the parent(s) and introduce yourself and then after a few sentences, introduce yourself to their child and introduce your child.  Stimulate some communication between the two children.  It will feel awkward the first time because you, as a parent may experience the same difficulties.  Each time you go to the park, follow this process.  You will be modeling confidence and friendly behavior.  Of course, you must not forget about child proofing your child.

Create situations for your child to communicate. When you go to the library, ask your child to pick out some books and then ask your child to present the library card and books to the cashier.  Anytime you go to a restaurant, have your child check the menu and communicate what he or she wants to eat to the waiter.  Prompt them as necessary.  Join a Tae Kwon Do group, since this part of this activity is about building confidence.  Foster situations for your child that create interaction and communication.

Never say your child is shy. Your child may view this comment as a fault, since a young child does not understand the meaning of shy.  Being a quiet thinker can be great; however, it can be an issue when combined with lacking confidence.

Once you observe this trait, quietly take steps together to overcome this learned behavior.  You may even help yourself overcome some social awkwardness.


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