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Provide your Child with Guidance and Support

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Homework is the extra activity to confirm the understanding of a concept or the preparation for the next day’s discussion.  It is vital to do it and understand what is happening.

Provide guidance to your son or daughter. This does not mean to do the assignments.  A teaching moment can make all the difference.  Just do the first problem together.  When your child understands the concept, you will see his or her eyes light up.  Now is the time to go solo and allow him or her to demonstrate the level of understanding.

Encouragement is the greatest motivator. Now it is time to check on the progress.  Be very patient; it is so important.  Make sure that he or she knows that is alright to ask for assistance.  If necessary review the concept again, with the idea that he or she will continue to work independently, once the review is completed.  Remember, it is not just about getting the home done, it is about retaining the concept.

Don’t forget a tablespoon of praise will get a ton of effort in the future!





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