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School is back; adequate sleep and healthy eating are critical

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School is beginning and now is the time to adjust our children’s schedule to ensure the greatest success and academic performance.  A school day is filled with many activities both physical and mental; for students to be successful, they need to be alert and well rested.

Get adequate sleep During the summer most children have flexible schedules including late nights and do not have a regular bedtime schedule.  It is normally possible to sleep extra, should they have one or two especially late nights.  Once school starts, students need a fixed schedule at home to complement the one at school.  The bus arrives to pick up students early in the morning and brings them home late in the afternoon.

Ensure that students get on a regular schedule to provide at least 9 hours of sleep per night.  It is no longer possible to have a nap during the day.  Therefore, the child needs to get sufficient sleep to keep them alert and perform at a highly effective level during school hours.

Eat healthy Just as sleep is important for successful learning, a good diet and eating healthy is paramount.  Plan to have the evening meal at a specific time, which allows students time to complete their homework, do their evening chores and get to bed at a specific hours depending on their age. Be sure to have a balanced diet and healthy meals with adequate amounts of fruits and vegetable.  Avoid eating savory snack foods immediately before bed.


Learning and being alert go together

Adequate sleep and healthy eating are the cornerstones to being alert and active for their school day.  Give your child the best chance in school and be sure that he or she gets sufficient sleep and eats well.  It will make a difference!

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