Homework Help

Some students just need a little extra help now and then. For students who do not need long-term solutions to on-going difficulties, Homework Help provides the student with the little extra attention needed to be successful.


Basic Facts Mastery

Calculators are wonderful tools, but they can’t replace the ability to instantly recall basic facts and multiplication tables. Our basic facts curriculum allows students time to practice their basic facts in order to quickly and easily master more difficult math concepts and problems

Speed with Accuracy

We support the basic facts curriculum with drills designed to help students conquer math anxiety.


We all know how difficult word problems can be for students. We help our students understand how to translate sentences into math symbols to solve word problems.

Early Reading


Young students practice and memorize the sounds of each letter in a fun and easy-to-remember format. Multiple types of activities ensure that no matter what the child’s learning style is, the material is accessible and useful.


Our handwriting materials help students in third grade and below to develop fine motor skills and neat letter formation.


General comprehension skills help early readers understand the stories they read, helping them understand the topic and details of short reading passages.


Pre-K students gain much from practicing basic vocabulary both aloud and in writing. While they develop their motor skills, students can also practice letter formation and sight vocabulary.



Most students who struggle with reading have trouble sounding words out. Our phonics materials are designed to help students learn the sounds letters make.


Students need to have a well-rounded vocabulary in order to be successful in school and in life. Our contextual vocabulary material allows students to learn new words naturally and easily.


Students must read well in order to learn every other subject in school. Building comprehension skills is absolutely essential for any student struggling with reading.


Students earning a standard and advanced placement diploma in high school are required to successfully complete 3 years in one language or 2 years in two languages.  Now you can get supplemental tutoring at any level throughout elementary, middle or high school.  Spanish must be the choice of a second language.  It is a fun language!  Let’s get a tutor and start now.


Just like learning to read English, students need to start by learning the alphabet and the sounds of the letters.  It is just the beginning, as students start their journey to becoming Spanish speakers.


Vocabulary development is critical in Spanish communication and from learning the colors as beginners to sophisticated vocabulary in journal articles and reading the newspaper, students can get a message to their audience.  Learning vocabulary is a natural process, but your tutor will relate vocabulary development to everyday life.

Oral Reading

Reading is just as much fun in Spanish is just as much fun as in English.  Regardless of a student’s understanding level, reading appropriate books and stories is key to learning a language for life.  This part of language development will be the cornerstone of oral communication .  It is the most fun because oral reading is fundamental to the verbal communication.


Recognition of letters, words and sentences are key, but developing comprehension skills is necessary to pick up the newspaper and read an article.  This skill must be developed so that we can read, since people read to learn.  In the early stages, students must learn to read but later read to learn.  Workbooks are designed and progressive to allow students to build and advance comprehension skills throughout their learning   Build confidence and learning and enjoy learning to read Spanish.

Test Prep


The SAT and ACT are some of the most important, and most challenging, tests students will face.

Our program is designed to help students understand the test’s format as well as content. Our modules cover all major test sections and break them down into easily-understood lessons. Students only complete the modules and lessons they need, cutting down on the amount of time needed for a successful program.

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