Supporting Our Teachers

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School is out now, and many teachers are vacationing.  When you meet a teacher this summer on the beach or at a vacation spot, tell them what a great job that they do.  They are developing our future leaders and play a vital role in our future society.

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine, who works for a great company, who recognizes the efforts of all teachers and the contributions to our world.  Liberty Mutual appreciates what educators do for our children and for our communities.  They understand the great commitment that our teachers make to help children and advance our society.  In support of our teacher community, Liberty Mutual Insurance has some special insurance programs for educators to provide some additional savings throughout the year.  If you are an educator or know a teacher, please share this message to contact Liberty Mutual or Caitlin Roche.  She will explain the great benefits of Liberty Mutual Insurance plans for educators.

Liberty Mutual provides special auto coverage designed exclusively for educators – at no additional cost:

  • If your car is vandalized on school property or during school-related
    events, we will waive your deductible
  • Waived deductible for auto collisions that occur while on school business
  • Personal property coverage up to $2,500 if personal teaching materials or
    school property is stolen or damaged while in your car

If you would like to receive a no obligation comparison quote give Caitlin Roche a call at Liberty Mutual (703) 680-6284 ext. 54531 or email her at Caitlin.Roche@libertymutual.com

Keep this New Year’s Resolution

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It’s hard to believe that January is here! Our children are now into the 5th month of the school year and it is time to get down to business. These next few months are going to be the most challenging times of the year.

Breaking down a school-year.The school year is hectic and boy-oh-boy does time fly! September is a time of building new routines and reviewing what students have forgotten over the summer. Before we know it, Thanksgiving is here and our focus turns to the holidays and winter break.  January comes along and the year is in full swing. Teachers are moving at a fast pace in preparation for the end of year testing season, which arrives not long after spring break.

Getting down to business.Now is the time to buckle down and get to work. January is the perfect time to recommit to our child’s education and future.

New Year’s Resolution. Make a New Year’s Resolution to make sure your child is eating healthy and getting enough rest for each school day.  Create a perfect homework environment that is quiet and away from distractions.  Get involved in their homework and check that they have completed it each night. Most importantly, show your child how much you care about their education and praise them for all their successes and hard work. Hearing your praise builds confidence and creates a positive learning environment that is sure to bring success this year.



Location, location and time

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Select a quiet “homework spot” for your child’s homework. Identify a location with  limited distractions, ample workspace and adequate lighting. Make sure that the television is turned off and there should be no social networking during homework time.  Keep a plastic crate with necessary supplies and access to resources such as a computer, dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus, globe and maps. Your child needs a calendar to record assignments and to track what is due and when. A calendar will also add accountability to the process and teach time management.
When is the best time to do homework? Right after school, following an energizing after-school snack.  This way, homework will be done before dinner and can be a point of discussion during the meal.  Also, it will give your child free time after dinner for playing, computer activities, or other family functions.  Homework just before bed is less effective, as your child will be tired.  Most importantly, get your child into a routine, as we all perform better with a defined schedule.