About Us


We are a family owned company founded in 2005 and offering tutoring to students from pre K to 12th grade. Over the past years, we have tutored more than a 1500 students in reading, writing, and mathematics and study skills. We offer test preparation in SAT, ACT, GED and ASVAB. We have considerable experience tutoring students of low-income families for many school districts.

By observing our students and parents, we are gaining exciting new insight into what makes successful students and how we can help create tomorrow’s top students. We are committed to the development of tutoring programs, which help students succeed in school. Just like you, we are parents and we believe that academic success is not an accident. It takes good schools and teachers, but these are not the only ingredients.

Caring, committed and inspiring parents are equally important to be the catalyst the learning process. Therefore, we continually strive to identify the new secrets to establish the best foundation for academic success and life-long learning.


FreshWise Tutors is committed to helping children realize their fullest potential in school; consequently we look at every possible technique to improve the learning process. Every student has the capacity to be a great student given the correct environment, learning tools and motivation from their people, who surround them. The child’s parents have a significant influence on the behavior and motivation of a child in the academic setting. Our goal is to leverage this influence to get the maximum effect on academic performance.