Maria C.
3rd grade Math

“He is excellent student but (your program) stimulates him to learn.  He has learned a lot of concepts in math while in the program.  His math grades have improved significantly over the year.  He is getting A’s on his tests and homework, since he started doing math with (your program).
He loves coming to (your program) and you give him encouragement and motivation to learn in school.  The program helps the students to become interested in school and learning.”

Ansah P.
3rd grade Reading

“Kevin enjoyed the program to learn how to read and write, pronounce and sound words. The teachers did a good job. They take the time to explain things so you understand them.”

Joe J.
4th grade Math

“Our sons have been at (your program) for tutoring this year.  Our older son always talks about being at tutoring and wants to come to tutoring every day. He looks forward to it and wants to stay longer.  He even encourages his brother who is in Kindergarten to hurry to get ready for tutoring.
This program helps him further elevate his grades.  This is a great thing that you are doing to help the children.  This is a great program and we value what you do with the children.”

Olga A.
2nd grade Reading

“The program has been very useful and she has really improved in reading.  Now she can sound out each syllable by herself.  In the beginning she only had basic skills.
We would definitely recommend and this definitely helps because of the special attention given to the students.  It is not possible to give this individual help in a large class.”

Jaime C.
Kindergarten Reading

“(Our child) is in kindergarten and did not read at the beginning of the year, but since coming to (your program), he has learned to speak English and is reading.  He learned a lot of new words and reads well.  The program has been great for him and he likes coming to tutoring more than going to school.  He enjoys school more now than before.
We would recommend this program to our friends.  It is great to get this help for our son.”

Veronica G.
Kindergarten & 5th grade Reading

“Veronica is learning more words and can recognize more words.  She likes to read more as her vocabulary develops.  She likes school and also likes the learning center.  It is even better than school.   She has improved her grades and even the teacher has said that her school work is improving.”

Judy B.
3rd grade Math

“In her case, she participated for 40 hours in a one-on-one situation for SAT preparation. They focused on the specific areas of math and reading in which she needed improvement.  The instructors were not only knowledgeable in the subject matters, but they thoroughly explained every concept and made it fun.
FreshWise, you did what you said you would do—raise her SAT scores.  In addition, she benefited by improved study skills and critical thinking.  The time and money were well spent.  Thank you.”